An Integrated Information Gizmo of Your Daily Amusements

Never miss out on what you care about! With eSobi Cloud’s stand-alone gizmos, your daily digital routines can be personalized your way and accessible anywhere, anytime!

  • Widgetize Your Personal Startpage

    Customize your very own web experience. Take your daily must-see content – latest news, interesting photos/videos, Internet/blog/web search, and weather. Join them together into one single place.

    * Certain actions require Login

  • Combine social network accounts • Read latest posts in one place

    Add friends from various social network sites, and merge their multiple accounts together as one. Moreover, with grouping tabs, you can easily manage and locate friends from different groups.

    As for reading, a single page newspaper style layout will combine and display your friend’s latest posts from his/her social network sites for your handiness.

    * Requires Login

  • Archive eSobi subscriptions • Access anywhere, anytime!

    An exquisite and sophisticated web based news reader and podcast player that provide you with…

    - Drag-and-drop intellectual channel management capability.
    - Import and read subscribed news from eSobi software via browser.
    - Share interesting articles to social network sites like Facebook, twitter and more.

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  • Edit account setting • Download latest eSobi software

    It is possible that you will need to modify personal information from time to time. As an eSobi member, you can change profile picture, update email or account ID, see your previous download history, and download latest version right here.

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